1. Scope of the company
2. Current website address (if available)
3. Company product or service
4. Describe your product/service
5. The main advantage of your product/service
6. Where do you provide services/sell your product?
7. Information about company
1. What problem does the product solve?
2. What is your clients profile? Who is your target client (maybe several)
1. Do you need website development, or just design?
2. What is the main user action on the site?
3. What problem should the site solve?
4. What main sections should be on the site?
5. What payment systems will be connected to the site?
8. What forms of contact data collection will be connected to the site?
9. What associations should the site evoke?
1. Attach links to your main competitors (3-5 pieces) and describe what you like about their sites and what you don’t
2. Attach links to sites that you like (3-5 pieces) and briefly describe which aspects you like
3. What color scheme should the future website have?
1. Link to the logo, brand book, corporate identity of the site (if available)
2. Product photos/videos
3. Text materials for the site (if available)
Company name
Contact person (full name)
Cell phone
Links to media publications (if available)